LUMITECH: No. 1 in Human Centric Lighting


LUMITECH: No. 1 in Human Centric Lighting

Once again, it is confirmed that LUMITECH can not only compete with the big players in the field Human Centric Lighting, but has even become one.


When it comes to first-hand research reports, company profiles and market statistics, 1MarketResearch is the first point of contact for companies and interested parties. In the brand-new Market Research Report 2018 „Global Human Centric Lighting and Environmental Lighting“ LUMITECH was voted to No.1 of the Top Key Vendors – ahead of other giants of the lighting industry, just as OSRAM, Philips and Regiolux.

We are very pleased with the confirmation of our capabilities in this field and will continue to work on continuous improvements and innovations in the future.