DARA Smart Lighting System

DARA Smart Lighting System

Dara stands for a smart lighting IoT solution where luminaires, sensors and switches are combined and individually configured to finally build a perfectly matched light installation for each type of application.

This is done by having a certain number of Dara Devices which are set up to build one or more Bluetooth mesh networks (for communication with mobile devices) and then, by using the Dara Ligthing App, configured to control the connected DALI luminaires.


Features of the DARA LIGHTING APP:

  • Available for Android (Play Store) and iOS (App Store)
  • Works together with one or more DARA L Devices / Bluetooth and WiFi required
  • Adressing and grouping of PI-LED luminaires and sensors
  • Brightness and colour control (CCT, CIE-xy, RGB)
  • Defining and storing light scenes and scenarios
  • Standard and seasonal daylight curves (for direct/indirect light)
  • Defining and assigning sensor profiles (motion/brightness)
  • Color picking, color replication and color enhancement
  • Creating a map with luminaires based on a photo
  • Adding a kinetic switch with flexible functionality to a network





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