A global innovation: correct lighting design made easy


A global innovation: correct lighting design made easy

After months of working closely with experts from the field, we have developed the world's first "Guide to melanopic lighting design - and more", which provides an important tool for planners and architects.

Our "Guide to melanopic lighting design - and more", which we developed in collaboration with experts based on our many years of experience, is intended to offer a comprehensive introduction to this exciting topic, and to provide lighting designers with the support they need. In addition to the latest insights from research and development, the guide also provides information on DIN standards and the regulations for lighting calculations and planning.

The guide also contains ideas on how to design dynamic lighting solutions for users in different rooms and applications. It highlights the many possibilities of dynamic lighting design and explains the added value for users of specific applications.

The right melanopic light solution will improve the well-being of users, allowing them to feel healthier and more energised while improving their attention span and their concentration. But it can also contribute to faster recovery from illness and to improvements in relaxation and the body's natural sleep/wake cycle. Melanopic lighting design uses the latest scientific research to adapt luminaires to the human biorhythm.

LUMITECH, which has been active in the field for over 20 years, has patented a technology (PI-LED) for simulating realistic daylight indoors. Researchers and academics rely on our expertise and our products to gain new insights into the effects of light on people.

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