PI²-LED - A new level of LED light quality


PI²-LED - A new level of LED light quality

The pioneering PI² LED takes human-centric lighting to a new level. Based on the innovative "Modular Dimming", it allows light to be perceived as being flicker-free, even when dimmed and even with smartphone cameras.


LUMITECH's PI-LED systems have always been synonymous with the highest light quality. Thanks to 100% calibration and temperature monitoring, they always perfectly compensate for thermal and current-dependent deviations and subsequently achieve only the smallest colour temperature tolerances (Mac Adam 1 typical/initial). The PI-LED typical three-channel LED system can accurately control a range of colour temperatures from 1,800 - 16,000 K along the Planck curve and simultaneously reproduce an endless number colours in the RGB colour spectrum.


One of the main aims of LUMITECH's development work is to continuously improve this leading light quality for human-centric lighting solutions. First and foremost, the focus is further progress in terms of the biological effects that light has on health. In addition to the most accurate reproduction of all possible facets of natural daylight, the option of viewing light flicker-free, even when dimmed, is an additional important aspect for human-centric lighting solutions.


Learn more in our press release with the topic "PI²-LED MODULAR DIMMING".

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