Healthy light all day long

Application: Health care
“Bruck an der Mur” Regional Hospital
PI LEDs in LED downlights
Control system:
DMX512 on Sauter/KNX


Equipping of parts of “Bruck an der Mur” Regional Hospital with PI-LED technology was one of our first projects in the health care sector. With this technology, daylight is brought into the inside of the building, which has a positive effect on the biorhythm of both staff and patients. Illumination quality is of prime importance in this application. In communal areas, the simulation of natural light offers diversity and creates a feeling of physical well-being, helping to support recovery. The partial accent lighting installed in the atrium can also be used to create stimulating light effects for special occasions, such as the annual Christmas party.

Scope of project:
    •    Corridor lighting
    •    Atrium lighting
    •    Automated light moods



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