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COB Downlight System – Zhaga

COB Downlight System Zhaga

Premium Quality made in Austria

The new COB Downlight is available now! Let yourself be convinced by the improved efficiency, the reduced diameter light-emitting surface (LES23 -> LES14.5) and the optimized spectra (improved Ra9).

Thanks to COB’s in-house production, there are no problems with supply chains: Best quality made in Austria.

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Fidas Süd-Ost, LUMITECH and Weinrauch Rechtsanwälte joined to support the population of Ukraine with a donation of EUR 7,500. The donation goes to the organization “Neighbors in Need”.



We don’t just want to send a sign against war – but above all a sign FOR solidarity and community! Let’s stand up for the preservation of these values ​​TOGETHER, so that there are no more similar situations in the future.


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