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Fidas Süd-Ost, LUMITECH and Weinrauch Rechtsanwälte joined to support the population of Ukraine with a donation of EUR 7,500. The donation goes to the organization “Neighbors in Need”.



We don’t just want to send a sign against war – but above all a sign FOR solidarity and community! Let’s stand up for the preservation of these values ​​TOGETHER, so that there are no more similar situations in the future.


Product of the month


for dry shelves & refrigerated cabinets

The new LUMITECH POWER LINE was designed for all types of dry shelves, as well as refrigerated cabinets (e.g. wall-mounted refrigerated shelves) in supermarkets and is suitable for retrofit and first fit.

Newly developed overall concept to meet all necessary norms & standards of the industry with cost savings thanks to easy integration into the furniture with reduced installation times.

Retrofits can be made on the fly (no need to clear out goods, as no drilling or similar is required)!

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