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Version: November 2023

1. target

LUMITECH Lighting Solution’s Whistleblower Policy is designed to provide a confidential and secure way for employees and external parties to report possible violations of laws, ethical standards or company policies.

2. who can provide information

Any employee, contractor, supplier or external party who has knowledge of potential violations or concerns regarding ethical standards.

3. types of reportable violations

– Violations of the law

– Fraud or financial irregularities

– Discrimination, harassment or unethical behavior

– Violation of environmental regulations

– Risk to product safety or quality

– Any other action that violates company policy

4. reporting procedure

1. reports can be made confidentially and anonymously.

2. use the whistleblower system provided or contact the designated person or department.

3. describe the incident in as much detail as possible and include relevant dates, times and parties involved.

4. all reported information will be treated in strict confidence.

5. protection for whistleblowers

LUMITECH Lighting Solution is committed to protecting the identity of whistleblowers to the extent permitted by law. No retaliation will be taken against employees who report violations in good faith.

Investigation procedure: All reported allegations are investigated thoroughly and impartially. Those involved in the investigation will treat all information with the utmost confidentiality.

6. communication and feedback

The whistleblower will be informed of the progress of the investigation insofar as this is possible without jeopardizing the investigation.

False reports: False or malicious reports will not be tolerated. Persons who intentionally provide false information will be subject to disciplinary action.

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