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Excellent lighting, which makes a wide variety of goods appear particularly desirable, allows products to be subtly but purposefully brought to the customer’s attention and at the same time adapts easily to an ever-changing range of products, is one of the major challenges that retailers as well as refrigeration cabinet and shop designers face. LUMITECH has been developing energy-efficient and high-quality lighting solutions for the specific lighting requirements in supermarkets and shops for over 20 years. At EUROSHOP 2020, the company will be showcasing its latest trend-setting solutions.


Visit us and learn how to meet those challenges by applying our innovative solutions to future demands on lighting. Besuchen Sie uns auf unserem Stand und erfahren Sie mehr über neueste Entwicklungen!


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Produkt des Monats: DARA Smart Lighting System

DARA Smart Lighting System

DARA is an IoT solution for intelligent lighting – luminaires, sensors and switches can be combined and individually configured to become the perfect system for every kind of application.

This is done by having a certain number of Dara Devices which are set up to build one or more Bluetooth mesh networks (for communication with mobile devices) and then, by using the Dara Ligthing App, configured to control the connected DALI luminaires.

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