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Together with the Kantonsspital Luzern, Firalux has developed an HCL lamp with PI-LED technology for patient rooms.


The company from Jennersdorf, which specializes in lighting, uses the reflective time around Christmas every year to forego gifts on behalf of LUMITECH and its partners and customers and to donate a donation to a non-profit organization. This year’s amount of € 5,000 will benefit the Mutter Teresa Haus Jennersdorf.


Product of the month


Flex Tapes are the very definition of flexible lighting solutions!

They have made it possible to combine the worldwide patented PI-LED technology on a tape and thus present perhaps the most adaptable of all LUMITECH lighting solutions!

In combination with the use of Phosphor Converted Red chips and the modular dimming control, the PI-LED Flex Tape can clearly stand out from commercially available standard tapes.

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