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LUMITECH Intellectual Property LLC, the American subsidiary of the Austrian LED technology company LUMITECH, is suing the furniture giant IKEA USA. According to the lawsuit, IKEA’s smart LED lighting products have been knowingly infringing one of LUMITECH’s current patents for a considerable amount of time.


Sense Line Gen X

AVAILABLE NOW! Experience the future of shop lighting with LUMITECH.


Product of the month

Sense line TWIN BEAM Gen X 

LUMITECH Shelf Lighting TWIN BEAM – the highly efficient frontshelf light!

Ideal for display cabinets with:

  • small distance between shelf and products
  • multidecks with transparent doors
  • semi-vertical cabinets

Special bi-directional illumination (up & down) generate a perfectly uniform illumination with no disturbing light spots on the goods and a minimum power consumption.

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