Light has a tremendous effect on us humans. It allows us to see and to feel. 80 % of what we perceive is perceived through our eyes and is therefore influenced by light.

For this reason, we strive to make artificial light as natural and efficient as daylight. At the same time we try to make it as effective as the most spectacular stage lighting.

As a leader in the field, we take this responsibility seriously and are always working on new ideas and approaches in an attempt to enhance existing LED lighting systems even further. We focus on application-related issues such as the best possible synchronization of all components of a lighting solution within a specific environment, e.g. an office or a hospital. Furthermore, we regularly test new application profiles for our technology in field and laboratory tests.

The LED module is the most important component of any LED lighting solution. A lot depends on the quality of this module. Therefore, we test the reliability of our LED modules very thoroughly, checking their resistance to environmental influences and their light quality in terms of parameters such as luminous flux, colour reproduction value and colour space.


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