Enjoy not just the food but the lighting, too

Application: Hotel, restaurants and spas
Restaurant, Vienna
PI LED technology used in various luminaires
Control system:


When this restaurant, which extends over two floors, was being renovated and refurbished, it needed a multipurpose, easy- to-operate lighting solution. A challenge in which PI LED technology was able to pull out all the stops. While the concept for the ground floor envisaged white light with changing colour temperatures, the basement was also fitted with decorative coloured lights as well. The clever solution here was that no extra lamps had to be fitted to achieve this. Both the white light with changeable light temperature and the colour accent lighting come from one and the same light source.

The natural-looking white light which changes its temperature according to the time of day shows off the materials used for the interior admirably. Above all, the golden bear has become a real eye-catcher. In our concept, the wide creative freedom offered by LED technology was put to its full use. In fact, we were even able to integrate the lighting into the actual furniture, something which can only be done with LEDs thanks to their low heat emission, avoiding any unsightly scorch marks around the light source.

The high quality of the white light plays a particularly important role in the cellar, since it has no source of natural daylight and artificial lighting has to simulate this. Thanks to PI-LED technology, the variation of natural daylight in the course of a day can be simulated perfectly, creating the impression of a room flooded by sunlight. Apart from this, the vaulted cellar, popular as an event venue, can be bathed in coloured light. Various light scenarios are pre-programmed and can be selected at the touch of a button from an ipad.

Scope of project:
    •    Bar and restaurant illumination
    •    Lighting for the show kitchen
    •    Lighting for the party cellar


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