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Light technology for the future – Latest news from the LUMITECH product portfolio

Excellent lighting, which makes a wide variety of goods appear particularly desirable, allows products to be subtly but purposefully brought to the customer’s attention and at the same time adapts easily to an ever-changing range of products, is one of the major challenges that retailers as well as refrigeration cabinet and shop designers face. LUMITECH has been developing energy-efficient and high-quality lighting solutions for the specific lighting requirements in supermarkets and shops for over 20 years. At EUROSHOP 2020, the company will be showcasing its latest trend-setting solutions:

Sense Line Gen3

With Sense Line Gen3, LUMITECH is offering a new linear range of luminaires for all applications in refrigerated and dry shelves. With a high LED density of 170 LEDs/m, the luminaire produces an absolutely homogeneous light image, while at the same time guaranteeing ultimate energy efficiency of up to 130 lm/W, thus offering significant energy savings for any supermarket.

Sense Line Gen3 is tailor-made for customers and their individual requirements, both in terms of length and light colour and with regard to customer-specific basic luminous intensities. The objective is always a perfect illumination of goods on site. In addition, the new Sense Line generation also features excellent colour consistency and very high colour rendering. The compact, stable design with perfect thermal management, the effective protection against dust and splash water as well as the safe and simple cabling via plug & play are further advantages benefiting retailers.

The main applications of these compact, space-saving luminaires include canopy lighting with asymmetrical radiation, single-beam shelf lighting with symmetrical 120° radiation, “invisible” door lighting with symmetrical 180° radiation to the left and right as well as counter lighting (symmetrical, 120°) and handrail lighting, which from a single luminaire perfectly sets the stage for the goods behind the glass front of the island as well as the goods inside the island. Another brand new addition is the Twin Beam shelf luminaire, which is mounted in front of the shelf and illuminates the goods at the top and bottom, making it ideal for Christmas tree shelves. In all its variants, the optically almost imperceptible Sense Line Gen3 impresses with a homogeneous light image and glare-free, targeted and therefore efficient illumination of the goods.

Sense LinePI-LED

Sense LinePI-LED goes one step further and combines all the advantages of Sense Line Gen 3 with the benefits of the leading LED technology for human centric lighting: PI-LED. This makes Sense LinePI-LED a flexible all-rounder for supermarkets. A wide range of colour temperatures and colour locations can be accessed with just one luminaire, so that a wide range of diverse, changing product groups can be staged quickly, always guaranteeing a perfect presentation. This translates into an immense simplification of the stock-keeping process.

The CCT range is from 1,800K to 16,000K, with a CRI>90. This is accompanied by a wide range of RGB colours for effect lighting and the possibility of selecting very specific food and meat colours. Operation is performed via local switches, but can also be done wirelessly via apps and displays. In combination with a camera control and the myPI-LED app, it is even possible to illuminate changing goods perfectly without manual intervention by automatically setting the ideal colour temperature for each. The Sense LinePI-LED is available as head-, shelf-, door-, counter- or handrail lighting.

Mini Downlight technology for targeted lighting and staging

The new Mini Downlight with precise radiation is a collaborative project between LUMITECH and the renowned Lichtakademie Bartenbach. It impresses with its very small diameter, allowing the realisation of small recessed downlights flush with the ceiling. The Mini Downlight for OEMs can be realised by combining the new PI-LED Mini Spots from LUMITECH’s in-house COB production with the various special RMJ reflectors developed by Bartenbach – the two complement each other perfectly. The reflector design is based on micro-facet technology and provides maximum homogeneity in light distribution. The very small diameter allows precise radiation, from narrow-beam to asymmetrical and even wallwasher effects, where an entire wall can be homogeneously illuminated without additional structural measures. For example, the new Mini Downlight can be used in cafés, hotels or restaurants to conjure up a pleasant and attractive atmosphere with emotional lighting moods and lighting effects.

DARA Smart Lighting System with dashboard function and heat mapping

With the DARA Smart Lighting System with dashboard function and heat mapping, LUMITECH offers a real all-rounder among IoT solutions (IoT = Internet of Things). The intelligent cloud-based control system can combine various DALI luminaires, sensors and switches and configure them individually. A new feature is the clear visualization and organisation based on actual building plans uploaded to the Web Dashboard, which can be used to assign existing luminaires, sensors and DARA devices accordingly. Another interesting feature is the remote control with data transfer via the DARA Cloud: an online dashboard makes it possible to control all lights on a separate screen, both locally and, of course, remotely. With heat mapping and reporting functions, DARA also offers efficient tools for the optimisation of the spatial design of the supermarket and the placement of the products: sensors are used to analyse the routes taken by customers, making it possible to draw conclusions about their habits and purchasing behaviour. The heat maps show, among other things, how many customers come at what time of day, which aisles are used most, how long waiting times at the checkout are, and which products have the longest shelf life. As a result, DARA is not only a tool for the best lighting and illumination of the shop according to the situation, but also for ongoing strategic store planning.

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