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EUROSHOP 2020 – Visit us – Besuchen Sie uns

Visit us and learn how to meet those challenges by applying our innovative solutions to future demands on lighting.

Besuchen Sie uns auf unserem Stand und erfahren Sie mehr über neueste Entwicklungen!

Party at the LUMITECH stand
“Party at the market”
Wed 19th February 2020 at 6 pm

„Party at the market“
Mi., 19. Februar 2020 ab 18:00 Uhr

Ensuring excellent lighting for a wide range of requirements is just one of the major challenges that shop fitters, retailers and producers of refrigeration cabinets face. Besides that, intelligent, dynamic lighting control systems make it possible to subconsciously influence how long customers stay in a shop as well as keeping energy costs constantly low. 

Exzellente Beleuchtung für unterschiedlichste Anforderungen ist nur eine der großen Herausforderungen für Kühlmöbel- und Ladenbauer sowie Retailer. Intelligente, dynamische Lichtsteuerungssysteme ermöglichen die Verweildauer des Kunden durch bewusste Lichtführung intuitiv zu beeinflussen sowie Energiekosten konstant niedrig zu halten. Gerne zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie mit modernen und künftigen Ansprüchen an Beleuchtung umgehen und welche Lösungen Ihnen helfen können, auf diese zeitgerecht zu reagieren.

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Excellent lighting, which makes a wide variety of goods appear particularly desirable, allows products to be subtly but purposefully brought to the customer’s attention and at the same time adapts easily to an ever-changing range of products, is one of the major challenges that retailers as well as refrigeration cabinet and shop designers face. LUMITECH has been developing energy-efficient and high-quality lighting solutions for the specific lighting requirements in supermarkets and shops for over 20 years. At EUROSHOP 2020, the company will be showcasing its latest trend-setting solutions.

Gruppenfoto mit Patrick Müller, Michael Hauser, Stefan Tasch und Michael Paukowits

LED Linear is a premium provider of linear LED lighting systems for technically demanding interior and exterior lighting. The German company employs some 170 people around the world and has an export ratio of almost 90%. LED Linear is part of the Fagerhult Group. LUMITECH has now set up LED Linear Austria, headquartered in Jennersdorf, to develop the Austrian market.


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