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The company from Jennersdorf, which specializes in lighting, uses the reflective time around Christmas every year to forego gifts on behalf of LUMITECH and its partners and customers and to donate a donation to a non-profit organization. This year’s amount of € 5,000 will benefit the Mutter Teresa Haus Jennersdorf.

The Mutter Teresa Haus nursing home ensures care for people in need of care in the Jennersdorf region that is characterized by respect for human dignity and charity. The employees have an important job that requires a lot of patience, perseverance and love for the job and this year the situation was and is particularly challenging due to Covid-19. For this reason, LUMITECH would like to expressly say THANK YOU to the employees who are doing very special services for the residents during the Corona crisis and are donating part of the total amount directly to the staff.

In coordination with LUMITECH, the amount is passed on to the staff in the form of Jennersdorf shopping vouchers. This is intended to honor the special commitment of the employees in this challenging time and to set an example for the local economy.

“With this support we hope to be able to create a small ray of hope in this incredibly difficult year. On behalf of our customers and the LUMITECH team, I would like to thank all employees of the Mutter Teresa Haus on behalf of all nursing staff with all my heart for their self-sacrificing care and wish all residents a merry and peaceful Christmas and good health for 2021 ” Pocket.

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With LUMITECH RE-FIT solutions, thanks to the lens technology, not only higher illuminance levels of up to 80% more lux can be achieved on the goods (compared to standard fluorescent tubes), but also energy consumption and service costs can be reduced.



LUMITECH Managing Director Stefan Tasch presented his lighting technology company to the Chancellor in all shades of color.


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